Karin Margarita Frei


The Skrydstrup Woman The Ølby Woman
Karin Margarita Frei, is Full Professor of Archaeometry/Archaeological Science tthe National Museum of Denmark. She is the first appointed permanent (Full) professor at the National Museum of Denmark, and the first professor of Archaeometry in Denmark. She has developed several tracing methodologies based on the strontium isotopic system including the high-time resolution tracing technique for human hair and finger nails, which allowed us for the first time to reconstruct ancient humans’ travels activities in an unprecedented detail, like e.g. that of the Egtved Girl and the Skrydstrup Woman. Furthermore, she has worked intensively with constructing bioavailable strontium isotopic baselines in many parts of Europe and with developing techniques for cremated bones. She is project director of the research projects “Tales of Bronze Age Women” research project (grant CF-15 0878) and the Semper Ardens research project “Tales of Bronze Age People” (grant CF18-0005), both support by the Carlsberg Foundation.

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