Clara Carus




Émilie Du Châtelet Elisabeth of Bohemia

Clara Carus is Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at Harvard University (Department of Philosophy). She is specialized on Early Modern Philosophy with a particular focus on Émilie Du Châtelet and Leibniz. She works on metaphysics, in particular on the principles of knowledge (PC and PSR) and the concepts of time and space. Clara Carus studied in Freiburg, Oxford and Harvard and gained her PhD summa cum laude in Freiburg in 2018 with a book on Heidegger and Kant on the concept of time. From 2018-2020 she was a postdoc at Harvard University with a project on the exclusion of the senses from the root of scientific knowledge in the early modern rationalists. From 2020-2022 she was Assistant Professor at the Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists where she founded New Voices on Women in the History of Philosophy and worked with Jeffrey McDonough on the project "Émilie Du Châtelet in Relation to Leibniz and Wolff - Similarities and Differences". In 2023 she was Associate Faculty and Postoc at the University of Oxford with a book project on the PSR in Du Châtelet. From October 2023 to July 2024 she was head of a DFG research project on Du Châtelet's theory of hypotheses in relation to the principles of knowledge, based at the Center for the History of Women Philosophers and Scientists in Paderborn. Currently, she is completing a monograph on Émilie Du Châtelet's Metaphysics.

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